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    Second Marshall Cunaith

    Awesome job man! First rank 12 warden and now first rank 13 warden for our server! What a resume! You are an asset to the fallen, a great guy and a great player and devastating on the battlefield. I look forward to helping you climb to 14, let the ambushes fly and the incoming healing of creeps be denied!! Congratulations man!!
    Sicoreth -r12 cappy Scarbarothe suicidal r8 ba
    The Fallen/Bad Kids

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    Thank you, my brother. It has been a lot of fun playing the Moors for a while now, and as much as I solo, I always have a blast when the Fallen gets out there. Not just because we become a moving cloud of destruction, but because it's a great group of folks to hang with. Making R13 is cool, but even more cool are the people who have made it a good time getting there. "Just say no" to trolls and whiners!

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    You Beast !!!

    Gratz dude truly an amazing accomplishment. Ambush FTW !!!

    PS: I know u like ur High Warden Title - but now you can show off with something a few can
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    Hey man, great to hear from you! Thanks for the kind words. Someone has to fill the gap left by you when you transferred, so I keep wardening along. I hope all is well in RL and also in game on your new server. Although I see retired next to your warden's name. I keep think of doing the same thing and getting serious about one of my other toons every now and then, but gambits are like crack to me- I just gotta do 'em!

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    Grats Cunaith, i remember when you were rank 8 ,my warden wasn't even at level cap yet, and i saw you on my creeps, got me playing a warden you did :P Have fun with the 1st age swords
    retired warden mouse clicker turtlemoss, countless storebought creeps

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cunaith View Post
    gambits are like crack to me!

    Someone on the old Warden forums said:

    How do u know when u have played your Warden way way way to much?

    When in real life someone is talking to you - and you thinking .... "1212" "123" "1231" "12312"

    We will see I might transfer my creep or my warden back to Nim post update - we will see. I miss the people.

    Till we meet again Keep on roKKKin



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