Starting on a Weekend evening near you! Warm up Weekends! Remind yourself why you love LoTRO!

On Friday 10/25 and Saturday 10/26 and each Friday and Saturday until Helm's Deep drops, the Sanctuary kinship on Elindilmir will be hosting Warm Up Weekends. Starting at around 9PM we will form up groups to run skirms and instances so that folks can get back into the swing of the game.

Dust off those W-A-S-D keys! Earn some marks! Work on deeds! Chat with people who love the game!

Sanctuary ( is a family-friendly, casual kin with a great community. As such, don't expect high stress, hardcore raiding. Just the opposite! We intend to keep this light and friendly. We are looking to do Tier 1 raids and to take our time. So you can work on your character that isn't quite maxxed out yet, or try running a skirm for the first time if you never have before. If you are a seasoned raider, Great! You can give us pointers and share stories of your exploits.

At around 8:30 each evening we will create a channel for this. To join the channel use the following command:
/Joinchannel WarmUp
We will also monitor GLFF so you can ask about WarmUp weekends there. But please bear in mind that GLFF can be kind of hard to follow in a raid, so ask more than once if you don't get a response right away! We will have people watching the channels and other people running the raids, though. We hope this will be a fun and profitable experience for you. Please join us!