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    New Creep Characters

    Welcome to Vilya Creepside!

    If you have never been to the moors feel free to speak up and someone might be in a kind mood to walk you around the map and help you get the 1 minute Grams map.

    Also! If you do not have your TA maps, feel free to post here or get ahold of one of my toons - Polarbash - for free Elf Ears, Legs of Men, and Shattered Blades (TA map quest items).

    Have fun!

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    Ty kind sir... would you please help me with my good Isen map?! I need them on five of my creeps!
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    I need them on a fair amount of my toons also!

    One of these days.. there will be fights in Isen..

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    If im not already giving my quest items to another toon on my account then i would be happy to give my items to other people aswell! hit me up ingame

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    I have no map items, also dont hit me up for anything in game..ever.


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    Unhappy :0

    I told them yesterday about the shattered blades, you can hardly do them on creepside!

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    please feel free to ask for anything from me, I'd be glad to give whatever is needed for folks to help with their maps! <3



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