I have several questions pertaining to Helm's Deep and Turbine Points. I'm currently traveling and have no way to log into the game and check the LOTRO strore (which might answer some of these questions). My apologies if some of these questions have already been answered (or have been determined to be unanswerable until the launch of Helm's Deep).

1) Can we preorder Helm's Deep using Turbine Points?
my guess: no

2) Which "editions" of Helm's Deep will be purchasable with Turbine Points (instead of real money)?
my guess: base expansion only, without any of the preorder bonuses

3) When will we be able to purchase Helm's Deep using Turbine Points?
my guess: no earlier than launch day

4) Will there be any differences between editions of Helm's Deep purchased via Turbine Points or real money?
my guess: no

5) How many Turbine Points will Helm's Deep cost?
my guess: ???

6) How can we check our Turbine Point totals without logging into the game? (for those of us on travel)
my guess: ???