Let me be blunt: we need an improved housing system and MOAR neighborhoods!

Back in SOA housing was a nice new addition, a roleplaying hub and a money sink which contributed in keeping the economy in check. That's not the case nowadays. Spending 150 silver for maintenance is no big deal (it's really nothing at high levels) and neighborhoods are desert. Turbine really needs to pump life into this area of the game.

New regions offer new potential for more expensive neighborhoods (maybe after you complete the appropriate book?). The following ideas have arised now and then in the forums:

Moria neighborhood (Dwarves) Lothlorien neighborhood (Elves) Gladden Fields neighborhood (Hobbits) Rohan neighborhood (Men)

Dwarves are especially disadvantaged, we only have Thorin's gate as a proper city for roleplaying purposes, currently Moria is just about expedition settlements. I admit some options are lore-bending ( Dwarves settled Moria only several years after the War of the Ring and there were no Hobbits beyond the Misty mountains), then again so are giant bugs and dunlending (heart) rohirrim romances, etc, etc, etc .....

Turbine, new neighborhoods could generate a huge revenue in your f2p model, and make a lot of roleplayers happy by adding variety, think about it.