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YES! I absolutely LOVE mounted combat! This was the only reason that I even started to play the game in the first place! I saw an add on a gamesite, "LOTRO mounted combat, riders of Rohan" and I instantly installed the game and started from lvl 1. If mounted combat disappears, I'm quitting this game.

People who complain about the warsteed simply aren't skilled enough to control their horse. The turn rate thing, 'sliding', can you imagine trying to kite a mounted enemy with a normal mount? You wouldn't even SEE the enemy because you would be spinning around yourself at high speed. They made it so for a reason. Learn how to play. And remember the warsteed has different speeds; walk -> trot -> canter -> galop. Slow down if you can't handle it.
I think some players don't see the appeal of kiting all the time.

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Per boatness:
No you shouldn't expect the bunch of horse shaped pixels to behave like a horse if it's programmed to drive like a boat!

Re captainness:
Captain's heralds disappear, captains have massive AoEs with huge range for some magical reason, and since you are essentially invulnerable to MOBs when mounted, you simply ride into an enemy camp, circle around to aggro all the MOBs there, then circle the mass of them repeatedly hitting your AoEs every time they are off CD. In short order everything is dead, you can complete your quest objectives, and move on to the next area, it's tremendously boring/easy.
Indeed, I found the captain's steed most useful for the efficient killing of lots of mobs, but the combat is pretty mindless most of the time. On the other hand, I could barely kill anything with my burg's mount. He always ran out of power, did miniscule damage, and couldn't self heal.

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I love mounted combat! I play primarily as a Warden, so that might have something to do with it. I've played many many hours of Mount & Blade, which I think prepared me very well for mounted combat in LotRO and I just have a blast with it. Very unique for an MMO, too.

I can understand some people not enjoying it, but remember that your opinions are just that: opinions. No more valid than mine or others. Calling for the removal of a unique and, to many, enjoyable part of the game just because you personally don't enjoy it is more than a bit selfish.
I didn't get too far with my warden. The horse would run out of power after defeating 2 normal mobs, so I always needed to retreat and remount to take on the rest of the train. Very tedious. Maybe it gets better.