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Thread: Lunchboxe R11

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    Lunchboxe R11

    Gratz Lunch.

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    Sep 2011
    Gda?sk PL
    grats, just try not to heal my targets and we will be fine

    onward to r16

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    Grats Lunch! Keep giving creeps all of that hobbit love! >xD}{
    Chieftain Rayzr of Dwarrowdelf (Reaver)
    Footman Sakeri of Dwarrowdelf (Captain)

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    Grats you little box of food.

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    Aug 2011
    New Zealand
    Grats! Keep reppin' the hobbitz out there for us!!!

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    u ranked off of a quest?
    reroll. no im jk, gz on 11. but don't get to r12 before I get r11 or we will have to get a divorce

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    Grats, Lunch! (Even if this is old news now...)

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    As Anessen said belated "gratz"

    ~~ Uwish



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