I've been playing since 2007. I think I played solidly until about 2010-11. I'm now back, and bored with soloing for the most part as I've seen everything in the game. I want to do things WITH people, even if it's like crafting or questing or something. If you're a new kin I'm probably not interested as I want to join a kin that is established and the player base isn't going to just disappear one day. If you're a small kin... also not going to work. I'm looking for a large kin that is going to have at least a few active players on at any given time and enough people to run the majority of the content (end game or otherwise) without too much pre-planning.

Oh, I'm on Firefoot, btw.

I just read through this and it makes me sound like a hard-###, haha. I'm a fun chill dude, so no worries.

My toons that I care about are:
Brendar -- Guardian
Kadenbor -- Runekeeper.