Welcome to Vilya

Sidenote: most servers use a global channel GLFF ( ./joinchannel glff) we here on Vilya tend to use two global channels.

There are two competing channels: GLFF and Unite. I would suggest you just use Unite. Unite provides something different for the Vilyan community and it is quite possible you will find more veteran players on Unite as opposed to GLFF (personal preference and I do not run GLFF).

For those of you unfamiliar with me.. I am Tolbald, person of too many toons..

I have been running some Make or Break Flight T2 PuGs recently and here is a quick rundown..

Make or Break concept: Either the raid forms and is made within the stated timeframe or the raid is broken at the end of the stated time. Otherwise raid forming can take far too long.

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Some old notes on Flight T2:

Warning: Copy and Paste to follow:

~~~~~~~~~~~T2 NO CHALLENGE~~~~~~~~~~~
Waves come when you kill 3rd to last mob in preivous wave or at every 2 minute interval.
You need to kill all adds except 3, when the 2 minute horn blows,
You kill remaining 3 from the last wave and then kill the next wave but 3.

Berserker - Enranged, high damage, 26k morale. (MUST die First and Fast)

Captains - 50k morale. Drops healing puddles, provide a buff aura, induction HoT (interruptable and crazy HoT)

Archers - 26k Morale. Enraged, only move if their random target is out of range, regular attacks are AoE, once Focus hits 10 then they will HeartSeeker someone (Something about 100% of your morale - Tactical Mitigation %)

Warriors - 50k Morale, heavy frontal AoE, have a stacking damage buff that increases the longer they are left alive. Put a stacking incoming healing debuff on their target. (Warriors are usually the mobs kept alive till the next wave)

Summoners - 26k Morale, Summon battlecats, drops fire puddles on players, also toss out potables (disease, poison, fear, wound).

Battle cats - 30k Ish Morale, summoned by summoners, puts a wound on their target

~~~~~~~~~TIME SPAWNS~~~~~~~~~
After the initial add spawn is killed,
adds come every 2 minutes at the 0, 2, 4, 6, 8 minute marks containing around 7-10 mobs.
The berserker can spawn whenever he feels like popping in and slashing players.

If fewer than 3 of an add spawn are left, a secondary one will come, regardless of the timer.

~~~~~~~~~RANDOM MOB SPAWNS~~~~~~~~~~~~
There are 7 pre-made groups that can come,these are randomly chosen when a spawn needs to happen. these 7 groups
have the 4 main types in (archers/summ/cap/warrior) while another called the bezerker will come in the bezerk can not be aggro & hits A LOT

7 different spawn permutations are:
6 Archers, 4 Warriors Keep 3 warriors alive
6 Archers, 2 Cappies, 2 Summoner Usually keep 3 archers alive.
2 Archers, 2 Cappies, 2 Summoners, 2 Warriors Keep 2 warriors and archer/captain alive.
4 Cappies, 3 Warriors Keep 1 captain, 2 warriors alive
2 Cappies, 4 Summoners, 1 Warrior Keep 1 warrior, 2 captains alive
2 Archers, 4 Summoners, 2 Warriors Keep 2 warriors, 1 archer alive
1 Cappie, 1 Summoners, 5 Warriors Keep 3 warriors alive
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~
The Divine

Captain Bubbles are very helpful to help your tank mitigate DMG at the beginning of summoner heavy waves.

Loremaster - Heavy archer waves = Bane Flare and Debuff them suckers.

Focus Fire is pretty darn helpful.

Captain HoTs are interruptable

Archer Heartseeker can be delayed by running out of range (sometimes the best option - othertimes definitely not the best option)

Don't stand in front of warriors - don't bring warriors into the main group.

Kill the berserker ASAP

Keep captains away from the main group. If the berserker runs by the captains and hits the main group you will experience 1-shot deaths.

~ Tolbald
~ Emgen
~ Wenadaz
~ Tolbaldie
~ Frimori
~ Drimori
~ Wenadan
~ Loafer
~ Pahrd