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    Why did Turbine abandon the development of store exclusive cosmetic items?

    Back when the LOTRO Store launched in 2010, it included many exclusive cosmetic items such as the Elf Queen's Dress and Hauberk of the Mirrormere. I spent a fair bit of time browsing such items, including the 5 dresses and 7 hauberks on offer*, and eventually bought a few. The store seemed an excellent venue for exclusive cosmetic items, and the future looked promising for many such offerings.

    Three years later, a search in the LOTRO Store for dresses yields 5 results. A search for hauberks yields 7 results. Over the years, various quest and instance armor pieces appeared in the store, but the selection of exclusive cosmetic items never grew.** I find that rather baffling.

    Why did Turbine abandon the development of store exclusive cosmetic items?

    * When the store launched, I distinctly remember 5 dresses on offer. One or two hauberks may have appeared post launch. Even if so, I feel my observation still holds.
    ** The Reveller's Gilded Party Dress and related items appeared approximately 18 months after the LOTRO Store launched. They go on sale during Anniversary events.

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    They are now to be found in Lalia's Market in bree, you can buy them for mithril coins.

    And yes, most of the items can also be obtained in game, but not all (for example the white cloak with the tree on it's back, ingame there is only a hooded version avaiable with a different bottom).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neumi View Post
    They are now to be found in Lalia's Market in bree
    Laila's Market contains in game items and the same old store exclusive items from years past. To my knowledge, in does not contain any store exclusive items developed in, say, the last six months.
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    Developing new content takes talent, skills, and someone who is paid a salary to be creative. I'm guessing there isn't a lot of money in the developer's budgets since oh about 6 months after F2P launched to design enough content to have some extra stuff to put *anywhere*, including the store.

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    This is very good question, similar to why the heck haven't there been any new hairstyles for characters?

    I also play SWTOR, new clothes and hairstyles are very popular items.

    I'm familiar with making clothing and hair for The Sims series, it's certainly not easy, but not particularly difficult, nor all that time consuming. It should be more than profitable to do it, in terms of return on their investement.



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