I've decided to take my talents to south b-E-ach.

But really, as many of you know I have decided to leave Windfola for Elendilmir. It's been a great 6.5 year run guys, lots of entertainment and friends a long the way. However much this server at it's highs and lows have rewarded me in-game or in character, I feel it no longer meets the needs of my elitist personality or pays for the time and effort I have put into it, I feel there is nothing left for me here. I learned a lot from ya'll, I wish you the best of luck and thank you for the awesome times!

I may hop on now and then to say hi, however with my mains being on Ark/E it's unlikely it will be frequent.

Anyone following me that would like to hang out on E is more than welcome, just contact me in a PM so I know to look at for ya'll!

P.S. I now hand off the crown to W A R P A T H.

Your favourite elitist ju*cebag,
Khronus, signing out!