Who are we?

We are an active, casual play style kinship on the Riddermark server. We focus on enjoying ourselves, and immersing ourselves in the adventures of Middle Earth. We currently have the capability to do 6-man instances in-house, and refer to several other kins for 12-man raids to combine efforts. We have a kinship house, and have many experienced players that can help answer questions. We have players from mostly North America and Europe, with several from other places around the world.

Our kinship name was inspired by a scene from the LOTR movies, which can be seen in this video:

Who do we accept?

We accept all levels and classes. All levels of experience, free players and VIP alike. Most of our kinship consists of adults of 18 and over, you will not find a lot of teenagers in our kin, give or take an exception. The only thing we ask from new members is to have fun, and be respectful to others. - We currently have enough level 85 players to regularly organize 6-man groups, with maybe 1 or 2 out of kin additions, and would love to add a few more high levels.

What do we offer?

We try to help everyone as best as possible. While it is not always possible to offer help in person, there will almost always be someone available that can give you the right information or tactics to get your problem tackled. We like to operate under the "teach a man to fish" principle, where we teach you how to be best at playing your character, instead of having a level 85 come over and do it for you. Example: I have made people fight an enemy themselves, to see if they could beat it, but I would be right behind them with heal support in case things do go awry. Additionally, we have many crafters: Most of our crafters (if not all) will craft anything you need for free. Only thing crafters may request from you are "special", harder to find ingredients that are therefore more expensive to obtain. (such as the tarnished crest of rohan or the symbols for legendary weapons) We do host monthly crafting events in which kinnies can exchange materials and crafted items by doing 48hr kinship-only auctions every 1st weekend of the month.

What is the future of the kinship?

We encourage players to level to 85 (and soon 95 after Helms Deep), and when they reach that goal we train those players in running the most common 3-man and 6-man instances. This will continue to be a goal for the kin. We do not aspire to be a raiding kin, but we do aspire to be relevant enough to be able to supply needed characters to public raids when needed/wanted.

What else?

We do have a website ( http://secondbreakfasts.guildlaunch.com ) and Raidcall voice service. Neither are used much, and registering is completely optional. We use the website mostly to post game related info, such as maps, loot charts, tips and tricks, etc.

Who do I contact?

Look in-game for Shanah or send Shanah an in-game mail. I will be on every day and will check my mail all the time.

Thank you for considering us, and hope to see you in-game!