I would like to let you know about Ethyl Forodren - We are a fairly new mixed race kinship, that is casual, active but fairly small. We are of mixed class, level & skill & have a relaxed, friendly & easy approach to playing.

Our main goal is to have fun & get the most out of the vast world of middle earth. We are understanding that people have a life, and insist on nothing from our members except good intentions & mutual assistance. And to kill Goblins, we really hate Goblins.

we have a kinship house & are looking to expand, so that we can achieve 2 main goals; to assist each other in times of need & to gather a force to take on the bigger challenges that lay before us.

we are happy to take on new or inexperienced players, offering them help when wanted, or of course experienced players looking for a like minded approach to playing.

As it is a fairly new kinship we also welcome people who have ideas on what they would like out of a kin as it grows & welcome people who want more input & have a say in their kin, rather than been just another member. we really are as relaxed or involved as you want to be.

If you would like to know more, please contact me here, on in game by message or tell. My characters are listed below in used order.

Iborr, Galofair, Buron, Kalinasul.