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    Level 85 Warband Quest

    I now have several level 85 characters.
    Some of the can get the daily quest to kill a war-band from the traders outpost. Some can't get it at all (all have taken down multiple Warbands)

    Any thoughts on why some can't get the quest?
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    You cannot get the survivors Warband quests while you have a "normal" Warband quest of the same name still running in your quest log. You have to complete or remove the Warband quest from your quest log, only then will the Survivors Warband quest be opened for you.
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    As I stated in the OTHER thread you started on this:

    That one quest seems to have an odd mechanic to it. For that quest, I've always just gone out and killed a Norcroft Warband, and when you go back to the trader outpost you just turn in the quest. As far as I recall, I've never had to get the quest first.



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