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    Where are the Dead in Annuminas?

    There is an Evendim deed quest -- Spirits Aiding Angmar -- where you are supposed to kill a couple hundred Dead in Annuminas.

    Now, I've been all over the city of Annuminas, and it is crawling with Angmarin. However, I am not seeing any Dead at all.

    Can anyone that did this deed quest please tell me at what location(s) in Annuminas are the dead hanging out?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I'm pretty sure they're in one of the Annuminas instances. (Haudh Valendil, I think? I'm not 100% on that.).
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    Ost Elendil instance is the main source.

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    So, I did not realize they were confined to the instances only.

    Thanks for your replies.

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    Haudh Valandil will probably work the best, since the limrafn count as dead and there's an infinitely spawning section of them in HV.
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    Just did this in Ost Elendil instance. Can just farm on level in group.

    Alternative way is create a lvl 40 instance to solo, kill the first 2 mobs in the light of the window and dispatch their summoned shades. Then just body pull the sorcerer back to the first room. I you do no damage she will keep summoning a shade, just kill each as it spawns til done. If she stops summoning kill her and find another or reset instance.

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    All 3 Annuminas instances are filled with The Dead (Limrafn and Wights in HV, Spirits in OE and Darkwaters in Glinghant).
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    Quote Originally Posted by TinDragon View Post
    Haudh Valandil will probably work the best, since the limrafn count as dead and there's an infinitely spawning section of them in HV.

    Haudh is the best. Two deeds at once. They count as Limfaims AND dead

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