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    Turbine Points in Eriador?

    Hello all, can someone please tell me how many turbine points you can get in each region of Eriador?
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    Lightbulb Some practical applications to tp grinding

    Turbine did a good job of creating a turbine point grinding system, In order to help you I will give some basics here:

    Usually in most cases there are 4-5 slayer deeds per area these result in 60-75 tp
    A exception to this case would be moria (since all of the moria areas count toward the same slayer deeds, there are quite a few more slayer deeds in moria, but you will not get specific deeds per each area in it.)
    For the first half of the world up to shadows of angmar, and erid luin there is 45 tp for completing various quests in an area.
    This changes during and after moria In which each quest is based on area around which you complete the quests, making completing all quest hubs past moria more worth while for your tp amount.
    Lastly there is location deeds, which are always worth grabbing especially after getting a war horse in the rohan expansion, these are basically free tp if you know where you are going, and if you don't I assume most players will help you out.

    To answer your original question, usually there is around 125-200 tp available per area (not counting instance deeds, and high level areas (such as sarnur in erid luin)

    -Saruin was here :3

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    Give credit to the original owner (exact tp numbers)

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    How many Turbine Points are available in every area: A handy guide
    The following numbers DO NOT include reputation as we did indeed get retroactive Turbine Points or reputation deeds...

    If you did everything pre-f2p (all Meta-deeds, LT HM, everything), you would have 4,655 Turbine Points.

    How it splits:

    Class (per LM): 180
    Race/Social: 85
    Epic: 90


    SoA: 440 <---- That Dunedain War-Steed really stands out! Glad it has 200 morale, runs at 162% and has a better twin
    Moria: 565
    Lothlorien: 215
    DG: 175 (145 sans LT HM)


    Bree: 255
    Shire: 145
    Ered Luin: 185
    North Downs: 145
    Lone-Lands: 180
    Trollshaws: 145
    Misty Mountains: 175
    Evendim: 235
    Angmar: 165
    Forochel: 140
    Eregion: 185
    Enedwaith: 225


    Lothlorien: 135
    Moria: 230
    Lower Deeps: 75
    Central Halls: 60
    Upper Levels: 55
    Southern Mirkwood: 170
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