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    Question A Question about Captains and their LIs

    Hello All, I have a 85 main, but have been playing my lower level Captain a lot lately and am about to hit level 45 and get my first LIs, and I am wondering: How many LIs do most Captains run with? And how are they built as far as Legs, Relics, and Titles for the Captans many different roles in LOTRO gameplay?

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    Since captains have a lot of roles, the captain can use a ton of LIs all with very unique purposes (as opposed to a lot of classes, which can make a lot of LIs but with similar purposes). The main problem is that to be an effective captain, even if you've only going with one role, you need to have at minimum two weapons (one normal, one swap) and two emblems (again, one normal and one swap). No other class I can think of requires the use of two different swap LIs. (Minstrel, I think, has the potential for two but you won't be called a bad minstrel if you don't have both.)

    At cap, depending on how many roles you want to maximize, you could have anywhere from 5 LIs to 9. You'll want your two swap LIs and your bridle of course. You'll need a healing emblem, and some kind of weapon. I don't know how many captains do this, but at a minimum I create two different weapons, one that's tailored to pumping out as many heals as possible (and that'll be a 1H for me) and one that concentrates on DPS (which is a 2H for everyone). That's 6 if you create two different weapons. Creating tank LIs will bring you to 8, and a DPS emblem will bring you to 9. (A DPS emblem isn't often worried about too much since the legacies and relics will be almost the same as your healing emblem.) So tl;dr, most captains will run 5 but you have the potential to have up to 9 without it being considered insane.

    As far as legacies and relics, you can find that information sprinkled through this forum section. A lot of people have varying opinions, and it's probably better to look at what's been posted already vs asking the same people to rephrase what they've posted before. I will hit on two things though, titles and crafted relics. For titles, I usually go with Might/Beleriand for weapon and Might/Tac Mit for emblem. Since might contributes both physical and tactical mastery, it makes it a good stat for both DPS and healing. Definitely a lot better than choosing raw physical or tactical mastery titles and only gaining an extra +30 mastery or so. I've heard the +crit titles from Wildermore are pretty good as well, but I've never needed them (and it's a good thing, 'cause I don't own Wildermore). For crafted relics, I tend to use Might/Phys Mastery/Crit for my DPS LIs, Fate/Tac Mastery/Crit for my healing LIs (which includes the emblem I use for both DPS and healing on my not-as-well-geared captain), and whatever the special tanky one with crit defence is for my tank LIs.

    While leveling, the two legacies to keep an eye out for are Pressing Attack targets on your weapon, and Rallying Cry cooldown on your emblem. Those two legacies have the potential to drastically change gameplay (especially the RC CD one) and so it's good to get in the habit of using them, plus it just makes things so much easier when you can hit more than two targets at once and heal yourself 3x as frequently.
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