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    Oct 2010

    I return...for who knows how long...

    Hmmm, seems in my absence I have missed old friends leaving, and a bunch of new faces I have no clue are who...

    But anyway, I suppose for those new people I should introduce myself. I am Mallien, Tarien, Aukn (If you do PVMP) I played non stop for days on end, a loooong while back, but other games had caught my interest and I kinda took a break from here. But I've made appearances here and there on my characters, just watching GLFF and shooting people with my blackarrow in the moors.

    Soooo yeah, How are the people I do remember (or remember me) and how are people I don't know??

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    Aug 2011
    I don't know which category I fit in. I was around r6 when you were here I think, well r11s are the new r7s and uhh that's about all I can think of, but Welcome back! ill be in the moors sometime next week

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    Dec 2012
    Well, whoever you are, welcome back! It's good to see a beacon of hope in the darkness in the form of somebody returning while everyone seems to be leaving (I hear real life is nice this time of year). I'm Gothash, I defo fall into the category of 'new guy', started the game in December, started PvMP in January and I'm only r8 now (I'm a classy PvPer, not your normal P2Wer) so I kind of fail . Have fun farming me!
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    Oh, I remember you very well... Welcome back, Aukn!

    I hope to see a similar thread from Raghul soon...
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    I wouldn't hold your breath on that, Rayzr.

    Good to see you Shap, cant wait to see you out in the moors again.

    and nice to meet you Celedreor, i will certainly have fun farming you and anyone else who dies by my arrow

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    Hey Aukn! Donno if you remember me, but if you remember Shap you might. (Reaver was Skiibornthemutated if that is more familiar.)

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    I tried to welcome you back by sitting on you the other day by Lugz. Nice to see some older names again.
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