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    Open Freep Group

    Well, it goes without saying that EC camping remains a problem... It's such a bad problem that most freeps actually get upset and angry when you even question the value of fun and experience that this type of gaming provides to a casual or non-casual player. The moors have always been cursed and maimed by this black hole of a map location.
    Playing video games and MMOs should be fun, character building, and about meeting new people. EC camp, solo, self-indulgent attitudes are the unfortunate poison that prevents any of this, therefore, I am introducing myself as a raid leader and I am pushing that others do the same.

    If any freep sees me on, I implore you to join me. 1, 2, 10... doesn't matter I'll accept anyone of any skill level that is at least level 85. Let's actually dominate and improve the moors... it will bring a healthy intake of renown (if that's your goal), fun for both sides (whether you're dominating or not), a challenge to the Moors environment, etc. If you see me on, please don't be afraid to send a tell and join me!

    - Necrolagniatic

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    I approve of this. Let's get both sides wandering the map more and try to stay away from Elf Camp/Lugs rez, everyone will have more fun that way. - Miradhor
    Miradhor, R12 100 Burglar of Firefoot

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    Alright, first go I would say was a success. We were able to get the Carrock, had a great fight by OR and had some reasonable fights all around the map on a night that creeps were dominating. There was obviously some pretty ugly wipes, especially outside of EC where my troupe wasn't all together but other than that the other wipes were at least manageable and remained fun. The group got up to about 14.

    The most important thing was that most of the people in the raid were new. None really knew who I was and I didn't know anyone in the raid, nor their skill level. Yet we built a rapport and they followed and learned without question. For example, when bringing the Carrock back some actually didn't even know where OR was and others didn't know how to get the Carrock or even understand why we were getting it. This is why roaming and creating these groups is significant. I hope everyone had as much fun as I and despite deaths and maybe not as much renown as EC camping, are still willing to join with me on more nights and create some jolly-good fun. Good job Freeps, and good job creeps; I hope it was a healthy dose of fighting for you too.

    - Necrolagniatic

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    Ithaca, NY
    All of this.

    I remembered why I moors. <3
    Khrune - r10 Defiler ---- Drauganca - r8 Warg ---- Frumontyrii-1 - r6 Captain ---- Cuglin - r6 Hunter ---- Tumalnar - Warden

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    Yes, my screaming shafts are simply dying to penetrate virginal freeps in a place on the map where their disapproving Grandfather First Marshal An cannot see me bind and deflower them. I would like to PvP them, too.

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    Dear mousepewp...I implore you not to get past rank 11. I know YOU dont care but don't ruin it for others please. I still enjoy to play this game. I know you call it garbage, horrible a dying game blah blah blah, and why do u care azan? etc etc. But i dont like seeing you at that rank. It was accomplished in a horrid way. So again, i beg you do not pass 11 please!!!

    Yours truly, best b.a. on firefoot lugpoop.

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    Mar 2011
    Lol. Azan, I played my BA for 3 years and got to rank 10 and about 3/4 legit. Yes, I farmed on my freep, and maybe about 63k of my total infamy on my BA is farmed and that was from one hour out of my three years of play. Haha. It's a game, you're right I don't care. But, I'm not going to be a poophead and try to pass everyone else, I was really just curious if I could get rank 11 that day. So, no worries, I won't have that meaningful purple skull over my pixelated name any time soon

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    DoF is an excellent way to get around the Moors fast, using the backdoors that EC, OC and all Outposts provide. This thread has a map of DoF and the location for which to transport quickly from one outpost to another:


    DoF fights were rare even in pre-moria days when it first came out; nevertheless, DoF fights were always insane because of the proximity of NPCs and the tightness of the tunnels. I'm hoping a better understanding of that area will maybe influence a few to have a peak down there... Pleasant Moorsing.

    - Necrolagniatic

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    Rawr. I will pew you all.



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