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    Looking for some input on my heavy war steed

    I have come back to my captain about a month ago and in doing so I chose a heavy war steed. Most of my other characters ride light steeds and I wanted to ride the heavy cause I like the way it looks and, lets face it Trample is fun. The steed I have is now level 50 and I am wanting to maximize his performance. Right now his trait set up is like this.

    Red Dawn. Everything but points in Instigate

    Rohirrim. All points but 2/3 Flexibility, 2/3 Rehabilitation, Cunning, Positive Thinking, and Benevolence.

    Riddermark. Maxed points

    5 points in both Agility and Power.

    My Legacies, that have points in them, besides the bonus contribution are.

    Red Dawn Direct Damage
    Spears will be shaken slow
    and Agility (not sure if I need this with points used in my traits0

    I have not upgraded any legacies cause I have been working on my weapon and emblem.

    I might add that I mainly run solo on him besides the war band groups that form. Anyone running a heavy that could offer me some advice on Trait/Legacies/or tips I would be thankful.
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    I really need to stop being lazy and write up my Heavy Steed build. I won't claim it's optimal or anything, but it works ok for me.

    Is there a plugin that lets you export your gear and trait setups? The main reason I haven't posted anything yet is that I don't want to manually enter everything.
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    I am not sure about that, it would make it easier for questions like this. I have followed the link you posted in another thread furtim but the trails she listed do not add up to whats available for the 77 points allowed, I am not sure if it changed since she posted it. I am really liking the heavy steed and look forward to any and all input.

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    I don't have too much to offer, as I (along with most other captains) have gone with the Light steed for the skill cooldowns. (Since the skill cooldowns affect our most potent DPS skills, it's the best way to get DPS out of the horse.) Since you seem to be pretty happy with Heavy I'm not gonna talk you out of it, just wanted to mention you may be waiting for in-depth advice for a while, and to offer one little tidbit.

    Take War-Steed Agility off your bridle and replace it with a Might (not War-Steed Might!) legacy. A maxed War-Steed Agility legacy tops out at about 70, which is some stupid amount of tactical mastery around 70. It's a very very low conversion, if not 1:1 directly. On the other hand, a Might legacy (again, not WS Might, just a regular Might legacy you'd put on normal LIs!) with no points at all in it should be ~53, which is both 530 tac mastery and 530 phys mastery. WS agility has some slight benefits such as turning and such, but IMO those also fall behind in comparison to the bonus phys mitigation, parry, and depending on whether or not you sword and board (I do, since it increases my tac mastery vs using a 2H) your block as well.

    Since you're not using a Light steed I don't know if putting points in the Agility trait is worth it, but I know on the Light steed it is. It's just a horrible thing to put on the bridle.

    Quote Originally Posted by furtim View Post
    Is there a plugin that lets you export your gear and trait setups? The main reason I haven't posted anything yet is that I don't want to manually enter everything.

    Doesn't help with gear, but a quick screenshot can take care of traits. All three trees are in the same window and unlike gear, there's no mistaking what trait is what. (Gear shares icons. While mounted traits may share icons, they're always in the exact same place.)
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    I sent you a PM for some more advice on a light steed. I picked one up so I can make my own comparisons between the 2. So any advice on the light steed would be helpful as well. Thanks



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