It's time . . . to go on an adventure.

Have you ever wanted to EXPLORE the Great Barrow?

You step into a dark and dusty tunnel – illuminated by a torch in the wall ahead. A torch lit by somebody who was here before you. There are monsters here. You know that. You have heard the stories of those who have come before. A dwarf companion sets a heavy hand on your arm and says, “Stay behind me – and try not to shoot me in the back.” To the right, a hobbit disappears in the shadows. You can barely see her as she sneaks up to the corner. She signals, “Three wights. 1 sword. 2 bow.”

Club-Éclair is an adventure role-playing group that uses the XP Disabler to keep its members at a common level, so that we can enjoy the content in the company of others at the same level and under conditions that are actually a bit challenging.

We walk through the instance, patrol ruins, sometimes go fishing or sit around the campfire in the evening and talk about our successes. We allow each participant to play their character and to use their abilities. Burglars are used to scout. Wardens are given time to set up ambushes. We walk. We talk to each other. We explore.

We've explored the introductory regions at Level 9, ventured through the Old Forest at Level 11, wandered the Barrow Downs at Level 15, and climbed Weathertop (a level 23 instance) and explored the Lone Lands at Level 18.

On August 5th, we will raise the level cap to 20. There, we will . . .

(1) Discover the secret behind the haunting noises below the Forsaken Inn in a massive three-person instance “The Inn of the Forsaken”.

(2) Visit the Eglain Camp and adventure into the very darkest and most dangerous corners of the Goblin stronghold built among the ruins of Minas Eriol.

(3) Get our invitations to the Skirmish Camp of Bree – with repeatable mock battles set in replicas of Gondomon and Tuckborough where you can practice your combat techniques alone or in groups, learn and practice fellowship skills, and earn rewards that will allow you to get new equipment and supplies from the vendors at the camp.

(4) Battle to put an end to the menace of Sambrog once and for all by entering his lair, battling his minions, and, ultimately, bringing about his defeat.

(5) Travel to Trestlebridge and confront the orcs, goblins, and other forces of villainy on the northern Greenway, answer the threats to the farms of Annundir and battle the corruptions growing in the fields of Fornost.

We would like your help - particularly given the need to form several 6-person groups for making repeated incursions into the Great Barrow.

All you will need is a Level 20 character (and an XP disabler to keep the character at level 20), and an interest in "walk and talk" role-playing style of adventure.

In game, you can communicate with us by joining the user channel "Club-Eclair" (/Joinchannel club-eclair). If you have a Level 20 character, and an interest in walk-and-talk style of role-play adventure, please come join us. As the shadow grows in the east, you can't have too many friends.

You can read about some of our past adventures at: