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    Erebor Bowmaster + Crafted gold hood
    2-set Erebor Huntsman macro (IF)
    Limelight clicky

    No baingrist, No double-dev pots (Too poor)
    I'm a very unlucky person, STILL no gold Hunter class items >.<

    I don't see how 6k is feasible unless you just rain of arrows spam the dummies; there's no way a paid dev pot will give you 1.5k+ more dps over one minute. Although, I will try the aoe spam later and see how big of a number I can get :P
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    So since Fenba's is also a Fleetness parse, can we reasonably now conclude that Fleetness and 4R3Y set-ups are fairly comparable even for 1 minute parses? Gabrediel's was a bit higher than everyone else's, but he used store Focus pots and has better gear than Yelk, Farasilion, and Fenba.

    Also, since this is an off-shoot thread of the Champion v. Hunter DPS comparison thread, here is finally a decent Champion parse on the 75 dummy that comes close to replicating my original parse (and this one is screen-shotted mid-parse, unlike the other):

    Can do much better as I was seeing 5300 or so before lag hit around 45 seconds.

    Remorseless constituted almost 38 percent of my damage, and the combined Crit/Dev went through the roof:

    Looking at my parses and Gabrediel's top Hunter parses, I suspect that Champions can still do more than Hunters on the 75 dummy in a fight of a minute or over (though the gap is nowhere as dramatic as was the case during RoI).

    Still, this emphatically DOES NOT mean that Champions do more "sustained" DPS solo on-level, as I have stressed many times. 75 dummy parses favor Champions dramatically, because we have far higher Crit multipliers and a lot more of our skills are gated by Crits.

    On 85 dummy, I suspect Hunters do more, since the disproportionate benefit that a high Crit environment confers to the Champion is taken away.

    What the 75 numbers may mean is, however, that in a similarly high-Crit environment--i.e. "Burg-Zerg" set-up--Champions may out-DPS Hunters (and there you have the AD buffs disproportionately benefiting Champions as well, due to the induction-less character of our attacks).

    Finally, a bit off topic, but I don't think Burglars are in the elite DPS equation any more, as it seems that they lag considerably even solo, when their de-buffs only benefit them. Among other things, Unseen was slightly nerfed, and the class did not gain anything like Hunter's Improved Focus or Champion's Improved Wild Attack that directly benefit DPS as a new skill; and their DPS gear upgrade is arguably less than what Champions got. As one evidence, Kyorakun's was the best 75 parse I saw in RoI, and where that parse was actually on par with the best CBR parse I saw and much higher than the best Hunter parse, his RoR parses considerably lag behind both top Champion and Hunter parses I've seen.
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