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    Thumbs up Congradulations Overlord ScoobieDoom

    Man, Congratulations Overlord Scoobiedoom. Your A great warg and an EVEN GREATER friend. whom i LOVE to group with, to see how fast we can blow up the squishies hehe. It seems like only yesterday i met you at rank 10, and now WOW, RANK 14, it’s amazing!!!!! Well done AGAIN, it is a rank VERY few accomplish especially creep side, in fact, you’re the first rank 14 creep of menaldor so I hear which is even more amazing!!!! Keep trucking to rank 15 my good friend, its a push, but if we keep DESTROYING groups of freeps like the 5v2 we did to get you to rank 14 (8v2 if you count the rezzes hehe.) Then rank 15 will take no time at all hehe. SO LET ME HEAR IT ONCE MORE FOR OVERLORD SCOOBIEDOOM CHEERS TO YOU MY GREAT FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (P.S. To any freeps that decide to troll this post, you will become automatic first on the list for food, for getting scoob to rank 15. And creeps hit my ignore list permanently, so good luck getting farmed. Keep it classy Menaldor.)

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    Awww come on just a little trolling please

    Gratz on 14 thats alot of killing
    A tree is a tree, a Rock is a rock and a Troll is Elmo

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    Gz Scoobie

    Congrats Scoobie that is a truly great achievement, and I am sure it will take you no time at all to reach rank 15. WAY TO GO AND KEEP IT UP BUDDY! Unlike most high rank creeps i've seen your not grouchy and mean towards greenies, so I think what Cheif posted about you was ON THE MONEY!

    Now please stop being AFK Chief.
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    Congratulations, Scoobie.

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    Congrats scoobie
    Amestoplease, Rk
    Ambusher, Warg

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    Congrats scoobie
    freeps: Federallm r6 LM lvl75, Federa r5 Hunter lvl65
    creeps: Mardito BA r7, r5, r5, r4, r4

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    Overlord Scoobiedoom.


    Oh wait someone said no trolling. Oh wait, that was Cheif, nevermind.

    Grats dear Scoob, too bad I wasn't there when you ranked! You're awesome to duo with, just keep on being your funny, relaxed and um yeah.... the long list of nasty words I usually describe you with.... self

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    Congrats Scoobie! Well played.

    I recently re-upped with LoTRO. Scoobie is one of the few creep names I recognize from my last stint in the moors (~4years ago).

    Current Character Crush:
    Oolala Spinner Extraordinaire

    Edit - Saell - PoD?!

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    Keep on tearing out the seats of their pants Scoob!
    . Katkilla, Leader - In Breeds
    *Here's a shout to all the tasty WargSnack(tm) out there!*

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    Gratz Scoob! I just started playing again and so far you are one of my favorites to play with already!

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    Gratz Scoob! they still need to give u a scoobydoo skin. gl on the r15 thing

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    Gratz man we have had some good 1v1s keep pushing to r 15

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    I'm Jellly! Haven't been able to play, haven't even paid to get my toons back to Meneldor Hopefully soon, the wait is keelin' me!

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    Sammamish Wa
    Grats Scoobie!, great warg always fun to group with
    Webfoot R12, Wargfoot R7, Stunmezrootrepeat Reaver R7 Linker of Dead, Robinfoot R5 BA, Doctorfoot R7 WL

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    gratz scoobieDoom,sure do miss you on windy.great player and even better person

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    Gratz Scoob!

    Definitely a class act. Remember some memorable 1v1s with you - all of which l had a blast on.

    [FONT="Arial"][COLOR="deepskyblue"][B] Frothy, Level 65 Champion R5 Guilded SM Tailor [SIZE="4"]-[/SIZE] Eoswinn, Level 65 Man Captain Guilded SM Weaponsmith [SIZE="4"]-[/SIZE] Leandorin, Level 65 R6 Elf Hunter Guilded SM Woodoworker [SIZE="4"]-[/SIZE] Eothur, Level 65 Man Warden, Guilded SM Metalsmith [SIZE="4"]-[/SIZE] Claudette, Level 62 Hobbit Guardian SM Farmer/Guilded SM Scholar
    [/B] [/FONT][/COLOR][/CENTER]

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    Usually in the rez circle


    A lot of hard work-great job! Congrats.
    -Rezinu (Defiler)

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    Grats, Scoobie! We had a lot of fun on Windy..glad to see you're making good contributions here as well, well earned rank, my friend. :-)
    "Invader's blood marches through my veins like radioactive rubber pants! The pants command me, do not ignore my veins!"-Zim



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