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    How to use the unwanted new alert box?

    I suppose we are stuck with this horrible new alert box and will have to put up with it until Turbine realise how useless it is for most players. In the meantime does anyone know how to make some sort of use of it?

    1) Is there anyway of knowing that the alert is one you really want instead of one of the majority which you have no interest in, without having to constantly keep opening it to look inside?

    2) How much will it hold before new alerts wipe out older alerts? If I ignore it for too long because 90% of alerts don't interest me, will I lose the 10% of alerts I am interested in or do I have to check every bloody alert?

    3) I saw someone say they tied a specific alert to a hot key so they don't have to use the box. Which alerts can we hot key and which alerts can't we tie to hotkeys?

    4) Is there a way to resize the opened alert window and fix it to a specific location on the screen? ie, make it 1 icon wide and 6 icons long and use it like the old system?

    5) I have minimised the icon and turned off the sound alert, but is there a way to make it stop vibrating like a bloody sex toy every 2 minutes?
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    You can adjust the alert box size just as you can with a couple other UI Elements (Options->UI Settings->Second-to-last section).
    Adjust the alert box size to 0.75 to get the pre-Update 11 alert box size.

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    That just resizes the icon, not the window, if I have to leave the window open to see what's in it, then it needs to be smaller and not take up a large chunk of the screen.

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    Having played the game on and off, and returned recently I, for one, really like this widget. I like that it chronologically lists the events.

    The only event that feels awkward imho, is the Mail box, since it won't automatically provide a next step like most alerts do. You're supposed to be using a Mail box. Instead I wish they made it so that it opens the New Mail window, so that you can see what mail you received, but to open the mail you have to use a mailbox. So ie, Mail alert opens the Mail window without the "open mail" ability. That would make it responsive like the other alerts, in that clicking does something useful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by podgie_bear View Post
    3) I saw someone say they tied a specific alert to a hot key so they don't have to use the box. Which alerts can we hot key and which alerts can't we tie to hotkeys?
    Pending Loot and Hobbit Presents can be hotkeyed, though neither are included in the Pending Alerts popup.
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    After using this new alert box for a bit now.. The only drawback for me is not seeing the quest bestowal aletrs at the ready. A lot of areas still put them in my bags, and send an alert (mostly in lower level areas) which i now cannot see until i open the new window. I find myself opening it every time it alerts me to something due to these quest bestowal items. This can be aggrivating at times

    Possible options:

    Make all quest bestowal items become pop up quests, like warband alerts.

    Move the quest bestowal alerts to be beside the (now separate) connection icon.

    Use a different icon for each type of alert, instead of just the exclamation mark.


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    This new alert window is so annoying and useless that I have stopped using it entirely.

    If I am in an area where I can get a quest starter item I just leave my bags open so I can see it when I get it.

    Once I get back to a main hub after questing I then go and take care of any LI's that need reforging etc.
    Check a mailbox for mail etc etc etc

    I never open that annoying box anymore and just ignore the blasted piece of junk altogether.

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