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    Smile Crafting on Social Media

    Hey guys, how you do?

    Look, if anyone needs something just tell me, through this forum or you can contact me in my Facebook page, that is shown below.

    I'm a Scholar Master Aprentice, Profficient Journeyman and Expert, and Apprentice Artisan recipes.
    I can craft class potions and another potions.
    I can craft Scrolls of Minor, Expert and Elder Cooking, Jeweller, Metalsmith, Weaponsmith, Tailoring, Woodworker and Scholar Lore recipes.
    I can craft Hunter and Lore-Master minor books.
    Just tell me what you want that I send to you by mail.

    I work only in Evernight server/world. For Carpe Diem kinship members, I craft freely. Check about prices for requests from another users and kinshps.

    Have fun!


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    Great idea mate, I love it. I'm not a huge crafter myself, but this is the kind of thing we need to get going to help people...

    Keep it up!
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    Elaegil, I do not use Facebook, but I want an item, how I do?

    There is no problem. You can see the items on my Flicker page and order by send to me a mail in LOTRO.

    All the prices are below current game price when you buy at a NPC vendor. You just send me the payment by mail and I will send your item back.

    Have fun!




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