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    Grats Miradhor on Rank 11!!!

    Congrats on finally making it to 11! Next stop, Purple Horse!

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    Makes sense, Mira got a ton of renown off Thorvion's trains.

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    Lawl that SS was ages ago. I killed one or two to troll Thorv. Not a farmer

    Note that I am running Mischief in that screenshot, haven't run Mischief in the moors in a while.
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    Congrats Mira, a well earned rank, now keep heading out there!
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    Recent polls (taken only by Melbi) say that Mira sucks. But since other people seem not to think so (who knows what goes on their heads), I feel obligated to say grats on r11. kbai

    P.S. You don't really suck...I don't think.
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    Gratz man! Always enjoy fighting you out there




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