We are seeking two-three full time active healers. A little bit about Chosen Order: We raid nightly at 8pm EST. We have a good core of players. We don't pride ourself in being the best. Egos are not accepted. We are mostly 25 and up kinship that have real lives and leave all drama outside of the game. Our officer core have multiple at level alts and are knowledgeable on all classes. WE expect applicants to know their class. If you are egotistical and/or like to talk about your 'epeen' please do not waste your time or ours and apply. We do not use a DKP System, we distribute loot to mains first and really emphasize on most active players getting gear first. We use the /roll system. We are a fantastic group of guysthat play this game to have fun.. we are 100% drama-free. We expect to keep it that way.
We have vent and a kin-site and we use facebook.
We are seeking healing RKs and Minstrels. If you know your class you will be considered.
to seek recruitment or have further questions, please inquire with Nymphadorra/Deadduck in-game.
Have a nice day and happy hunting!