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    "Pie Pilferer" Scavenger Hunt, Saturday, Sept 29, open to all!

    Hello, Imladris! The Tarciryan Knights are celebrating our second anniversary on Saturday, September 29, and we’d like to invite you to come celebrate with us.

    We’ll be having a scavenger hunt called “Pie Pilferer!” at 9:30 pm /servertime at a surprise location. We’ll be providing riddles and prizes. Teams of two are encouraged, and characters are eligible to play at level 10 and above. In character or out of character play is fine!

    If you can, mail me to let us know you’re coming so we know how many to expect, or /tell Iorviel, Lamerin, or Navarra for assistance when you get online. We’ll be meeting at the Bree South Gate for transportation.

    Find that pie thief or thiefess!
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    That sounds like a really fun event! Unfortunately it will start at 3:30am my time, so I probably won't make it - but it's awesome to see more events happening here!
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    Indeed sounds like good fun. It'll be cutting it close but hope to be there to show my support and have a good time!

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    Congratulations on your second anniversary, and many happy returns!

    I will be in the middle of a Dr. Who party then, so wouldn't be able to show up till later, when I guess you'll already have departed to the surprise location. Good luck to all who enter!

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    Pie Pilferer is tonight! Meet at the South Bree Gate for ports. If you are a little late, send a /tell to Navarra, Iorviel, or Lamerin, and /joinchannel piepilferer for updates. Odds are you will still be able to join in and maybe catch up.

    General rules:

    We’ll be using the piepilferer channel for rules, updates, keeping in touch, and just general entertainment. Use command /joinchannel piepilferer when you get online, pay attention to what user channel it gets assigned to, and use / and the corresponding number to talk.

    The object of the game is to find the seven characters hidden across our mystery location. Your escort in will lead you to the first character, who will give you a clue in the /say channel about where to go next. Go where you think the clue refers to (but don’t leave the area!), and do an emote or /say something to get the character’s attention. He or she will give you the next clue, and so on.

    You can play in fellowships of two. (At each level the prizes are designed for a duo, and playing in twos is usually more fun.)

    There are big prizes for the first three teams, and little gifts for everyone who makes it to the end.

    See you tonight!

    P.S.: Sorry you can't make it, Ellonur, but hopefully next time we plan a big event it'll be at a better time for you! Shiredweller, send me a tell if you want when you get online and we'll see if we can't get you a chance to play part of it! Daanzig, and those who mailed me in-game, very much looking forward to having you there!
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    Pierced by the friendship of the mortal races.



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