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    List of Cosmetic Blogs

    The Idea popped up in my head, so I thought I'd just make a compiled list of all cosmetic blogs out there for people's viewing pleasure and easy viewing and navigation. Please post the name of your blog, your name on said blog, and a link! The list will be updated regularly

    Cosmetic Lotro
    Owned: by Hymne
    Link: https://cosmeticlotro.wordpress.com/

    LOTRO Fashion
    Owned: by Freyjuska
    Link: http://lotrofashion.blogspot.com

    LOTRO Stylist
    Owned: by Devonna and Kedwyr
    Link: http://lotrostylist.wordpress.com

    The Starry Mantle
    Owned: by Starry
    Link: http://starrymantle.wordpress.com/

    Lotro Savvy
    Owned: by Savvy
    Link: http://lotrosavvy.wordpress.com/

    Plate Metal Jacket
    Owned: by Argendauss
    Link: http://platemetaljacket.blogspot.ch/

    The Elven Tailor
    Owned: by Ellishul
    Link: http://theelventailor.blogspot.ch/

    Elendil Endeavors
    Owned: by Zentoki
    Link: http://elendilendeavors.wordpress.com/

    Landroval Style
    Owned: by Raima(?)
    Link: http://landrovalstyle.wordpress.com/

    The Ivy
    Owned: by Ivy
    Link: http://theivylotro.squarespace.com/

    Fashion by Candlelight
    Owned: by Candle
    Link: http://fbclotro.wordpress.com

    An Unexpected Fashion Blog
    Owned: by Ellerysen and Bronwen
    Link: http://anunexpectedfashionblog.blogspot.ch/

    LOTRO Adventurer
    Owned: by The LOTRO Adventurer (?)
    Link: http://lotroadventurer.wordpress.com/

    Owned: by Daerundros
    Link: http://hammadiquendi.blogspot.ch/

    Material Middle-Earth
    Owned: by Nathrien Estelenlaer
    Link: http://materialmiddleearth.blogspot.com

    Pony Lovers Anonymous
    Owned: by Elyara
    Link: http://ponyloversanonymous.wordpress.com/

    Owned: by Sigram
    Link: www.warsteeds.com

    Cithryth's Blog
    Owned: By Cithryth
    Link: http://www.city.navsplace.net/

    Curved Steel
    Owned: By Curved Steel (?)
    Link: http://curvedsteel.wordpress.com/

    Middle-earth Mannequins
    Owned: By Daeross
    Link: http://memannequins.blogspot.com/

    Moria Fashion
    Owned: By Hroldfrik
    Link: http://dwarfoutfits.blogspot.ch/

    My Precious Outfitting
    Owned: By Nyvaine
    Link: http://mypreciousoutfitting.blogspot.ch/

    Silver and Cookies
    Owned: By Tinu
    Link: http://silverandcookies.blogspot.com/

    Vogue of the Rings
    Owned: By Danica
    Link: http://vogueoftherings.wordpress.com/

    Dyes and Crochets
    Owned: by Feuille
    Link: http://dyesandcrochets.blogspot.com/
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    Ok, I'll start then.

    Cosmetic Lotro

    Guides on anything cosmetic can be found in the navigation menu.
    Find my Lotro outfits @ www.cosmeticlotro.wordpress.com

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    My LotRO outfitting blog is Plate Metal Jacket. The niche I try to fill is battle-ready outfits. Plate, chain, leather, sharp objects.

    I'm on holiday from blogging at the moment. I've got a lot of other projects going on right now... getting a job, passing so I can graduate, updating my Captain build-planning spreadsheet to RoR (Google docs primarily, and you should click the google docs link over the Excel download), scrolling through the forums, playing Skryim and Mount & Blade: Warband...

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    I have one that I just opened earlier this month.

    Elendil Endeavors

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    I love cosmetic blogs. They always feature so many great outfits. There are so many talented and well dressed players in this game.

    Here are a few cosmetic blogs that I do not think anyone has mentioned yet. None of them are mine.

    Landroval Style

    The Ivy

    Fashion by Candlelight

    An Unexpected Fashion Blog

    LOTRO Adventurer

    The Elven Tailor



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