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    What kind of Kinship you want to join?

    Hello all! I am here to ask you, what kind of kinship you want to join. As I have been adventuring in the beautiful land of Middle-Earth, I have seen that there is quite a few Kinship's in the Laurelin server. I have for a long time now dreamed of forming my own kinship, but I feel like all the ideas have been taken already and I do not want to copy anyone's kinship.
    I have noticed that there are: military-like, adventuring, musical, travelling, trade, "chilling/having fun/party"-like,racial ones, and many more themed kinship's.
    I most certainly would like to form a new kinship, but I can't decide the "theme" for it. I want it to base on something, so we could arrange events etc. so I would need a theme.
    So after all this explaining, I want you to tell me, what kind of Kinship you would want and why, in the Middle-Earth of Laurelin server?!
    -Thank you!

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    Re: What kind of Kinship you want to join?

    Hello there!

    I have a new fresh idea for a kin that might be fun. Im not great at english, so it may appear one or seven misspellings along the way here.

    How bout a kin where we dont restrict ourselves or our charachters? A kin where we can do a raid as the rohirrim one week, and guard the borders of Lothlorien the next?. A dwarven battalion, ready to battle the foes of Moria, or perhaps a bunch of rangers that are keeping the road of the North Downs safe from perril? The possibilities are limitless!

    An example : Let's say your man (dunno if u got one) and my act as rangers fighting the invaders of annuminas one week. And we do so as rangers of the north. And the next we could be facing the forces of Saruman as the Rohirrim, with the same men characthers. We should not let the fact that we have roleplayed as rangers of the north stop us from roleplaying as riders of rohan with the same chars the next week. One week our char can be called farathan of the north, just so he the next can be called farathan of rohan.

    Any questions?

    U can contact me in-game by Farathan.

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    Re: What kind of Kinship you want to join?


    This might be a good idea for a casual kinship, but in my opinion RP would be extremely restrictive, no matter how open the plots might seem.
    The problem is that in a week you can't get used to a new storyline, or give depth to your character, let alone allow others to get to know your character.
    A solution would be to hold tight to a character's background, but devise different plots and storylines not connected one to another.

    To the OP: here's an idea, but it isn't about a kinship, but about a group. Many characters from different kinships, coming together bound by a common ideal or reason of being. A secret society, a trading guild, etc etc, open to people from all kinships. Similar examples are the Ale Association and the Mathom Society. Communication would be possible through a chat channel.

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    Re: What kind of Kinship you want to join?

    Thank you for your responses. I got many new ideas and I am working on one of them by basic pen and paper ideas.
    This idea contains a kin with little different ideas from other kins (at least what I know). I was considering a kin which's events would be more of a journey like. I mean we would travel as a group from one place to another, set up a camp, cook, sleep, someones keeps watch, some hunt for the cooks, some collect wood. Other way sit around the fire, chat and maybe a tailor is working on a cloth under the tree. etc.
    I want to create a kin that would actually create the feeling of travelling, more like in real-life. Some of us might not have horses, they travel by foot, while the horsemen travel in front, checking that there is no dangers ahead. All the travelling would happen in walking-speed. Not in running cause in-real-life it is not possible to actually run e.g the road from Bree to Shire.
    One thing is still bothering me, and its the Lotro time and distances between cities/places. Is it realistic to get from Shire to Bree in couple hours by walking speed. I don't see it as realistic so the travelling would have pauses and campsites or the paths would go around from e.g the Old Forest, not the main roads.

    What do you think of these ideas?

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    Re: What kind of Kinship you want to join?

    As I've been hooked on the books of a Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) I'd like to see a Man-Rp kinship based on the idea of knights, families and houses. Each with their own names, colours, symbols, mottoes and histories.
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    I like Aisolon's idea i would join that one, also put a post out when you made it and what the name of it is and how we contact you.

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    I'm curious what happened to Lancex idea.
    Phew years ago I was in an travelers kinship, and would love such a kinship again.

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    The "epic story" for Riders of the Riddermark is a traveling one, returning to Rohan from the west. I am not sure where they are in it now, however (or if they have finished it, for that matter) since I rarely play my Rohirrim warden anymore.

    One expansion on the traveling kinship idea could be a band of traveling merchants or mercenaries, going from town to town to sell their wares/services. In fact, I think several existing kinships began that way, but I know of none doing that at present.
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    My main character is a knight of Rohan and without a kin so ideally, I'd like him to join a Rohirrim style kinship.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Horseyboy View Post
    My main character is a knight of Rohan and without a kin so ideally, I'd like him to join a Rohirrim style kinship.
    Hi there.

    There are two of those that i know of from an roleplay perspective.

    The Riders of the Riddermark
    Esquires of the Riddermark.

    The latter of these currently has a storyline where they are travelling from the westlands southward back to Rohan. My kinship encountered them as they passed by Imladris ( Rivendell ).


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    Quote Originally Posted by Lancex View Post
    I most certainly would like to form a new kinship, but I can't decide the "theme" for it. I want it to base on something, so we could arrange events etc. so I would need a theme.
    I would rather ask; what theme appeal mostly to you?
    Don't worry to much that you might copy other Kinships, because no matter how similar the Kin are to an other one, there are always room for making the background different/the storyline different. etc..There are different angles you can present the Kin to potensial recruits to make it unique, even if it exist a similar Kin on the server.
    I think that as a kinship leader you really have to burn for the Kin you are running. A new kinship requires a lot of investment of your time, and is no fun if you try to run a kin that doesn't really appeal to you. Just my opinion
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