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    Teamspeak Overlay versus cheating control routines

    I would like to display as an overlay the names of my friends speaking via teamspeak by using the Teamspeak plugin called TS3overlay (http://ts3overlay.r-dev.de/)

    The question is the following: due to its fonctioning principle, this tool can be recognised by anti-cheating routines as a cheat. This is purely technical due to the overlay feature. When enabling the plugin, there is a warning about this.

    Before getting stupidely baned for having a more userfriendly teamspeak, I need to know if this plugin is allowed or not.

    An official answer will be gratly appreciated as it will be the only one to be considered in case of troubles..

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Teamspeak Overlay versus cheating control routines

    Don't think Lotro has much, if any, client-side anti-cheat detectors... I've been happily using Mumble with a similar overlay for more than a year anyway.
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