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    Cool Dragon - Honor, Pride, Respect

    Hello everyone, my name is Nico and I am the leader of Dragon. I have several characters including a 65 RK named Nicodorf (some of you may remember him as 'Weidisgud') but I lead the kin with my Warden named Nicotank.

    I am looking for 2-8 players I can bond with and call my friends. You need not know anything about the game (though the more you know, the better). I do need people who can play AT LEAST every Saturday night (usually starting around 9-11pm Central and going as long as possible; sometimes we play until 8am the next day, but never require it). The more you play during the week, the better.

    We certainly will accept players who do not meet these requirements, but I am hoping to build a very strong core team within our ranks that I can train (as needed) to do raids, PvMP, etc. Also, if you like just sittin around playin music, smokin pipeweed and bein silly once in a while, that's a big plus too!

    For information about "what's important to us" as a Dragon: http://my.lotro.com/guild-870320629575024025
    You can also check out our official kin site: http://dragon.guildlaunch.com

    If you're looking for a relaxed kin that "does it all" from raiding to role-playing and everything in between and you hold to similar values stated on our website (link above), we look forward to hearing from you!
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    Re: Dragon - Honor, Pride, Respect

    Honor, Pride, Respect!

    Dragon has ranked up! We are now rank 4 and we've been recruiting like crazy! Come join in the fun!

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    Cool Re: Dragon - Honor, Pride, Respect

    Wow! Looks like I haven't posted in quite a while! Dragon is now rank 7 and has a kin house at:

    The Shire, Ivycrest, 2 Chalk Road

    We've grown in numbers and our baseline of officers is starting to fill in. We've officially allied with 2 of the top leading kinships on this server, Crickits and Seeds and Stems. We're looking for active players who participate in kin chat and enjoy grouping for whatever we feel like doing at the time. We're both casual and serious with players that log in once a month all the way up to players like me who can't seem to stay logged out! Come and join us at Dragon!



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    Cool Re: Dragon - Honor, Pride, Respect

    Dragon is now officially hosting "F2P Skirmish Night" every Saturday! This event is for Dragon members and allies of Dragon ONLY! Start times will vary but advance notice will always be given (see our official website for our calendar of events: http://dragon.guildlaunch.com)

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    Re: Dragon - Honor, Pride, Respect

    Dragon would like to welcome the following kinships as our allies:

    Crickits (of Crickhollow)
    Seeds and Stems
    Stragglers and Strangers

    Links to their sites can be found on the left menu bar of the Dragon home page:

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    Post Re: Dragon - Honor, Pride, Respect

    We've changed "what we're looking for" when we recruit new players so be sure to check out the first post in this thread. We are still recruiting people who don't fit the profile for our "core team" so these are not to be considered "requirements" to be a Dragon. We simply wanted to focus our attention on assembling our core team as soon as possible.



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