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    Dec 2008
    Middle Earth, Arda

    The Best burglar outfit
    is the one that cannot be seeing!
    But if you still have to know, what she is wearing, when is not "working", here it is.

    ~ Check my Kinship at Gladden server: The Fate of Middle Earth ~

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    Cool Burglar from Bulgaria

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    My new Burg outfit.

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    Jun 2011
    I really like the PVMP set (in black) without the shoulders or hood showing.

    Makes the burglar blend in with normal crows a bit better (as its namesake!) yet its smart

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    Another Dunlander here.

    I still have some changes I want to make to my outfit, but this is perfect for now.

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    Jun 2011
    My outfit:

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    Why, thank you. Yes, I do look fantastic.

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    Cat Burglar

    Head: Ceremonial Thrill-Seeker Helm
    Shoulders: Rock-Climber's Shoulder Guards
    Chest: Spear-Shaker's Jacket, dyed Black
    Hands: Fingerless Gloves
    Legs: Ceremonial Thrill-Seeker Leggings
    Feet: Fine Grey Company Boots
    Back: Treasure Hunter Rucksack
    [url=http://lotrostylist.wordpress.com/]The LotroStylist[/URL]


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