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Update 30.1.1 Release Notes

Update 30.1.1 Release Notes

Here are the release notes for Update 30.1.1, releasing on Thursday, July 15th. 


  • Scholars will automatically earn a recipe to convert Tattered Langflood Parchments to Tattered Minas Ithil Parchments.
  • The following item Set Bonuses will not be active on a character level 106 or higher: First, Second, Third, and Fourth Class (Beorning's, Burglar's, etc.) Jewellery of Helm Hammerhand.

  • Medium and Heavy Golden Benefactors Armour will no longer have Will as a stat. Will has been replaced by Might, Agility, or Fate, as appropriate.

Legendary Servers

  • Difficulty quests are numbered so they will appear in the correct order on Berthadan's bestowal panel.
  • The Difficulty VFX have been disabled for the time being as they were proving too intrusive during extended play, and were frequently getting stuck.

Quest and Adventure Areas

  • The Fall of Khazad-dûm - Durin's Bane Encounter
    • Picking up Liquid Gold will now also cause a debuff called Heavy Metal Poisoning that prevents you from picking up Liquid Gold again for 60 seconds. Fixed an issue where this debuff was invisible and lasted for 108 seconds.
    • Mark of Challenge will no longer prevent you from picking up Liquid Gold.
    • Reduced morale of Debris Piles.
    • Tiers 1 - 5 of Liquid Gold now give increased Fire Mitigations
    • Some Erupting Earth locations in Phase 5 have been moved closer together.
    • Fixed an issue where one of the Erupting Earth locations in Phase 4 was not functioning correctly.
    • Fixed an issue where Durin's Bane and Debris Piles could be hit twice with AOE attacks
      • This was causing false reporting in the Combat Log of double damage and healing, and was eating up "slots" for attacks that have a limited number of targets.


  • Corrected a difficulty display issue in French for the Landscape Difficulty NPC UI. 
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