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Fight for Rohan's Survival

The White Hand moves to seize Edoras as Théoden King broods within the Golden Hall. Without their King the people of Rohan despair. Gandalf and his brave companions arrive at the capital as West Rohan falls under Saruman's control. The fate of the kingdom will be decided at Helm's Deep.

Book 11: The Golden Hall

The White Hand plots the conquering of Rohan with Uruk-hai, Orcs, and Dunlendings. Meanwhile, at the whispers of Chief Advisor Gríma, Théoden King believes Saruman a friend of Rohan.

You must disobey the command of a King, and journey to the capital city of Edoras to reunite with old allies. Unearth the depth of Gríma Wormtongue's treachery, come to the aid of Éowyn and Éomer, and prepare Edoras to march to safety.


Meet with old friends and journey the expansive lands of West Rohan, at the request of Éomer, to help the people of Rohan. Aid refugees, seek out informants, and uncover a mystery weaved through the war-torn fields of green.


Saruman commands a horde of fell creatures and Men; the White Hand's army marches on Helm's Deep and the Hornburg, where the people of Rohan, led by Théoden King, seek refuge. Terror and chaos mingle as you ride to aid the Rohirrim in a seemingly unwinnable battle.


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