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Enlist in Epic Battles

Stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Théoden King, Aragorn, Legolas. And Gimli as Helm's Deep thunders from the White Hand's fell army. Their only desire is Rohan's annihilation, their only opposition stands atop the great and ancient Hornburg.


Starting at level 10, defend Helm's Deep alone or with friends. All players fight together at level 95, with more allies bringing greater challenge and reward.


Designed for how you play, Epic Battles are perfect for all lengths of LOTRO sessions.


Each Epic Battle features a Primary Objective in the defence of the Hornburg and survival of Rohan. But whether defending Helm's Dike or the Deeping Wall, it's not a simple matter of success or failure.

Secondary Objectives provide opportunities for new heights of heroism: save injured soldiers while Uruk-hai invade, defeat a vicious Troll charging through the blast in the Deeping Wall, or rescue horses threatened by White Hand assassins.

Every objective, Primary or otherwise, rewards a Medal: bronze, silver, gold, or platinum. Earn the best Medals to gain the greatest rewards: class equipment, new rare accessories, and points to spend on Epic Battle Promotions.


Survival at Helm's Deep hinges on how well you complete objectives. Will you wade into warfare like Gimli and Legolas? Fight while commanding like Aragorn? Or is your path equally valorous but decidedly unique? The choice, and glory, is yours for the making.

The Vanguard

Wade through battle earning kill-streaks to unlock powerful Epic Battle abilities. Summon a volley of arrows, stun surrounding forces, and achieve a hero's death, inspiring allies to legendary feats of strength and frenzied battle-rage.

The Engineer

Strategically place siege equipment to use against the enemy, lay devastating traps, and apply powders to projectiles that add effects to weaken the incoming enemy. Master the deadly siege weaponry at Helm's Deep: aim, upgrade, and fire everything from ballistae to trebuchet, scattering enemy forces to the wind.

The Officer

Heal troops on the brink of defeat and grant defensive benefits to reinforce the line. As a veteran, the Officer commands from afar, orders troops to counter enemy assaults, and can raise banners of war to embolden the defense.


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