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New to the LOTRO Store

New to the LOTRO Store
with Update 19.
Available now, in-game!
LOTRO's most recent update brings new content, and with it, new items to find in the LOTRO Store!

Quest Pack:
March of the King

Featured Items →
New to LOTRO Store
Quest Pack: March of the King
Free to VIPs! March North! A last debate is had, and Aragorn musters the remaining might of Gondor and marches on the Black Gate. The time for secrecy has now passed and Aragorn hopes that both, you, and his army can help draw the Eye of Sauron from where his friends might be. March with him, to North Ithilien, on the way to the Black Gate. Unlocks adventures that span through Minas Tirith, Osgiliath, and up to North Ithilien. Includes 90+ quests and deeds for level 105 characters.
New Kites

Featured Items → New to LOTRO Store
New Kites We're so glad that you liked the kites we put out earlier in the year, that we made a few more. Make sure to check out the Hallows-eve Kite and Storm-wing Kite to add to your collection!
New Housing Sets!

Featured Items → New to LOTRO Store
So much to choose from With the introduction of the Premium Housing in Update 19, we wanted to make sure that you had plenty of new options to decorate your new homes (and old homes too!). You can choose from a bundle or individual items. Look for any of the following in store:
*Wose Housing Set
*Dol Amroth Housing Set
*North Ithilien Housing Set
New Housing Items!

Featured Items → New to LOTRO Store
Options for all! Buy any of the housing items from the sets individually. Check out what's available:
Culumalda Tree
Small Cedar Tree
Terebinth Tree
King Crimson Tree
Tamarisk Tree
Befalas Boat Post
Gondorian Wall Lamp
Golden Statue of Kings Past
Potted Red Hawfingers
Canopy Reflecting Pool
Happy Pukelman Statue
Wose Garden Stones
Wose Root Archway
Wose Light Globes
Wose-woven Basket
Makeshift Mûmak
Intact Model of Minas Tirith
Square Gondorian Rug
Long Gondorian Rug
Red Dwarven Rug
Lórien Ivy Trellis
Lórien War Tent

For more information, visit the LOTRO Store in-game!

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