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Yule Savings!

Get Deep Discounts every week of Yule!

Get double bonus points in the LOTRO store now through January 3rd!

December 21st through 27th get:

75% off Rune Keeper + Warden

50% off Housing Writs

35% off Legacy of the Necromancer

Be Virtuous Like Samwise! 20% off December 21st through the 27th on:

Virtues & Virtue Bundles

Trait Slots

Skill & Slayer Deed Boosts

December 28th through January 3rd get:

75% off Legacy Tier Upgrades

50% off Crafting Tiers

35% off Legacy Tier Upgrades

Go There, And Back Again! 25% off December 28th through January 3rd on:

Milestone Skills

Hurried Traveller + Returning Traveller

Advanced Riding Traits

Rally Horns

Get the Storied weapons set, Bombur's Bounty and the 10 black steel key bundle for a limited time
Now through January 3rd!

Get Helm's Deep™ 50% off in the LOTRO Market now through January 3rd!

Enjoy the Yuletide Festival December 14th through January 9th. Visit Frostbluff, complete activities and earn tokens, you can exchange your tokens for seasonal items!

Get More Skirmish Marks! +25% more marks Dec 14th - 16th

Happy Yule, and be sure to visit this page again for new specials & events, announced every week this month!


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