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Leveling Contest

From October 28th to November 10th, advance your character to any level between 60 and 85 and your character's name will be entered into a drawing for a chance to receive a Lifetime Membership! And you will receive an entry for every character level achieved between 60 and 85 and you can level up as many characters as you like! Already have a character at level 85? You will automatically receive one entry for that character.

Your characters must gain at least one level within the targeted level range to qualify for entry. This means that if your character starts out at level 60 on October 28th and ends at level 60 on November 10th, you will not receive an entry. Only characters that are already capped at level 85 at the start of the promotion are eligible to receive an automatic entry.



At the end of the promotion, there will be a random drawing from all character entries and the following prizes will be awarded:

(5) The Lord of the Rings Online™: Helms Deep™ Premium Edition

(1) Lifetime Membership

(10) 500 Turbine Points


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