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Spring Festival

By QuartermasterU



The snow begins to melt, the air is mild and tomfoolery abounds, which can only mean one thing: The Spring Festival is back! Join us as we celebrate the green season in Middle-earth with shrew-battles, horse races, maze games, and more.


A Budding Romance

Love has bloomed in Bree-land! Help Avery Crabapple court the lovely Fern Coppersmith of Bree-town. Collect rare flowers, deliver gifts, and earn exciting prizes for your efforts.


The Hedge Maze

The Groundskeepers of the Horsefields have been quite busy with the landscaping. This year a new maze layout is finished growing for you to explore! There are chickens to be caught, Elves to be rescued, dwarves to be humoured, records to be beaten, and a very sinister surprise at the centre of it all!


Horse Races

Make your prowess with the reins known as you participate in horse races in both The Shire and Bree-land, available around the clock.



What's an Elf to do? The gardens of Duillond are overrun with some very stubborn shrews! The pesky rodents have made a cozy home in the Festival Garden and they have no intention of leaving. The Elves wish to regain control of their lovely grounds, and they're going to need a little help. Put on your boots and start stomping!


Ale Association vs Inn League

What would a Spring Festival be without a little mischief? Become a member of the Inn League or join its arch rival, the Ale Association! These rival factions have declared all-out war on one another. Garner reputation as you complete tasks for your chosen faction, but remember: you'll lose favor with the opposing side.




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