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    Update 20.0.1 Release Notes

    Update 20.0.1 Release Notes

    Here are the Release Notes for Update 20.0.1, released on Tuesday, March 28th.

    News and Notes:


    • The required ingredients to craft the Large Bundle of Dagorlad Provisions, Large Bundle of Rangers' Provisions, Rangers' Provisions, or Small Bundle of Rangers' Provisions now all properly display in the Crafting panel. Pieces of Uncooked Bacon or Bottles of Savoury Seasoning have been removed as requirements for these recipes.


    • Wood resource nodes in the Noman-lands that contain Reclaimed Ithilien Lumber are now correctly labeled "Gnarled Branches", and no longer look like Poplar.

    Quests and Adventure Areas

    • Noman-lands - The quest "Take Heart, Men of Gondor" now references the correct emote name in French.
    • Noman-lands - Player can now complete "Take Heart, Men of Gondor" even when the area is crowded.
    • The Lang Rhuven camp has had some changes made to address performance issues.
    • Monsters in Lang Rhuven no longer mistakenly drop reputation tokens.
    • The Camp of the Host is now part of the Wastes instead of North Ithilien.
    • Respawn rates of enemies in Carchost and Skoironk have been reduced to help address game-performance-related lag in these areas.


    • Monster players can once again use global and user-defined chat channels.

    Known issues:

    • Opening the map in Lang Rhuven in Dagorlad will not display the correct Wastes map.
    • The Emote /stoicpose will display and overlap both a bow and an off-hand weapon if equipped.
    • Crafting - The Large Bundle of Dagorlad Provisions and Small Bundle of Rangers' Provisions are requiring more Rangers' Journals of Dagorlad Cookery than they should.
    • Players who have the Heropose emote will be unable to purchase the Stoicpose emote due to an incorrect gating issue.
    • The Stoicpose emote remains on offer even after being purchased. Please do not purchase the item a second time.
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