Hi, you know that feeling. You grind instance all over and over again to obtain a shiny fluffy gold drop and finally when it drops it has as main stat vit over agi. (Yes my main is Hunter and I am proud of it ).

What if you have some possibility to avoid frustration.

Here is my suggestion, both ways will give us same reward:

1st way: There should be always! instance drop -> IMHO when you see something shiny in the loot, its incomparable to any other emotion that Lotro offers

2nd way: there should be way to get reward for your continuous effort as well (e.g. if you complete any HD for Platinum 100times you should receive Gold item)
a. I like mechanism how to get FA at 85 lvl from skirmish - if you ran enough instances and met some requirements you have got it = seals + Erebor = FA - that was fair to everyone.
b. In HD, there should be an option to change gold drop for another (cause thinks with VIT as main stat are obsolete for freaks like us) or better let us choose - reward us with tokens, which can be changed for of necklaces, rings, etc.

BTW. I love idea of new U14 essences, it a step forward to customisation. Please make that random-generator-if-it-drop-enormous-happiness and daily-grind-deserved-reward have same result, because IMHO both is needed and it provide fair environment to everyone