Since we have a thread to see who people like to see dead the most, I'm curious to see who other people think are the best at their class on the server as well.
My list centers primarily on grouping/raiding, with a few exceptions, and only includes people who are currently active PvPers:

Captain - Alastrine by far has the best understanding of the class as a whole.
Minnie - Notershy for heals, Watercolor and Abi for DPS
Hunter - Hunters are in a pretty laughable state right now and there honestly isn't one that stands out head and shoulders above the rest
Champ - On any given night, I will only see 1-2 champs out, but I will say that Softello would be the best among them.
Burg - Same problem as champs, and Deir is the only burg I have regularly seen since U13
LM - Acionyx (sp?) is quite good about keeping tar down
RK - Viduos in terms of DPS and Clippers for healing
Warden - Of all 3 wardens I have seen out since U13, all of them are at the same skill level
Guardian - Nimthos is pretty spot on with his shield walls

Warleader - Lugmaz
Reaver - 1a is Mightbe, 1b is Balkrur
BA - Loz
Warg - Slaith (sp?)
Spider - Foomanchu for grouping, Umbrenil for solo
Defiler - 1a is Agentorange and 1b is Uhhuh