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    Hobnanigans Cosmetic Clothing Rewards

    I spent a little time today collecting images of the Hobnanigans cosmetic rewards (in their default colors) for the community, especially for those who haven't had the time to check them out yet. If anything is dyeable, I've included something in VIOLET to the right in each image set. Even though this is how they are on the live servers, I'm hoping the pricing will drop substantially on some rewards.

    Blue Chicken Cloak and Red Chicken Cloak (300 Hobanigans Tokens each)

    Hobnanigans Club Blue Quiver and Hobnanigans Club Red Quiver (600 Hobnanigans Tokens each) *

    Blue Hobnanigans Cloak and Red Hobnanigans Cloak (150 Hobnanigans Tokens each)

    Hobnanigans Club (300 Hobnanigans Tokens), Chicken Mask (150 Hobnanigans Tokens + 1 White Chicken Token**), and Cracked Egg Helm (150 Hobnanigans Tokens + 1 White Chicken Token**)

    *The club quivers are currently not dyed in-game, despite their names. However, based on the chicken cloaks, I've hopefully approximated the intended default colors.
    **White Chicken Tokens cost 150 Hobnanigans Tokens each.

    Anybody notice the reused skins here or items borrowed from festivals? It's a bit disappointing to be honest.
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    Anybody notice the reused skins here or items borrowed from festivals? It's a bit disappointing to be honest.
    Yeah, I commented in glff on the team cloaks being = hooded cloak of plenty. Frankly, don't see anything in the rewards that I want at their prices, except the food recipes (purely for fun, because they don't seem that useful to me but who wouldn't want recipes for Middle-Earth elephant ears and dark stout?).
    § Elendilmir refugee on Ark §

    § Aerynsol . 29 | Arestelle . 105 | Calairiel . 42 | Gwaewen . 41 | Iadessea . 26 | Magrith . 37 | Melaidhrin . 29 | Miraear . 28 | Muiriol . 105 | Nephra . 21 | Solina-1 . 33 §

    § miraear's threads: a cosmetic history §

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    After watching the live stream for TTHTI today, there was a small debate on the colors of the cloaks won from Hobnanigans. I offered to post pictures of each cloak with the WASHED color alongside TWO OTHER similar colors. It might be hard to see the differences, but there are subtle distinctions between some washed and dyed colors. Even if you're not as sensitive to color as I generally am, you can get away with either version of the cloak, dyed or washed. I've left little notes beneath each picture. The names of the cloaks are still in the OP.

    The washed version is slightly brighter than the red version.

    The washed version is slightly lighter than it's evendim blue counterpart.

    The washed version is slightly more muted than the red dyed one.

    Clear difference between shades of blue here.

    Keep in mind that the Blue Chicken Cloak and the Red Chicken Cloak will dye exactly the same, with the exception of "washing" them. The same falls true when dyeing the Blue Hobnanigans Cloak and the Red Hobnanigans Cloak.

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    You are awesome. This is a handy reference. I love the shell hat. hehe




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