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    Marks, medallions, and/or skirmish cosmetics tradeable between players

    Title pretty much says it all. Allow players to give each other armour and cosmetics bartered from a skirmish camp, or allow marks and medallions to be traded in the currency bar. I know players who constantly find themselves with a deficit of marks or medallions, and other players who have a surplus and no desire to use them. I think it would be a great perk if the cosmetics or currency itself could be traded. What would a high level player with already decent armour and cosmetics do with the fruits of raiding afterwards? Marks and medallions would probably sell for some decent gold on the AH.
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    I have an account with over 400k marks, and an account with 2k marks that needs to earn more. I never want to be able to trade marks and medallions to other players or trade/sell for gold on the AH. Many items that are bartered with marks (symbols, scrolls) are already able to be sold or traded. If you want to make the cosmetics unbound as well I don't have a real issue with it, but the marks and medallions themselves should never be able to be traded or sold. That's a slippery slope to start down. Do you then start trading TP as well? After all it's a currency you could earn in-game as well. Just no please.
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