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    Kiting/Strafing In Mounted Combat - Am I Doomed?

    I basically suck at kiting and circle strafing. I'm just not coordinated enough to attack while moving. Am I doomed in mounted combat? I only want to do the bare minimum I need to do for the epic line.


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    If you want to do the bare minimum, then just park next to the mob and beat it to death with neither of you two moving. Most of them can be killed this way.
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    There are many possibilites to fight while you move. It depends a bit on how you usually move and fight.

    Most people use W A S D for moving but you can also move by pressing both mouse buttons and steer by moving the mouse. And you can combine both.
    With the war steed you have the possibility of auto run or auto slow down (by checking or unchecking it in options) and different speed (by pressing insert).
    Sharp bends are easier if you slow down a bit and speed up afterwards.
    I'd suggest to play around with those options until you find a way to get used to riding itself.

    Second you can try to fight while moving. If you rather move by WASD you should try to mouse-click skills, and if you prefer to move via mouse you can press keys for skills. Or combine both as I do.

    It takes some time to get used to it.

    I did my first mounted tutorial when it was introduced on Bullroarer. It was late at night and I desperately wanted my war steed. I almost cried when I managed to finish it after more than 30 minutes. Next morning I came back and started my own riding lessons. I think I know every single fencepost in the Harwick riding area (I smashed in them many, many times) but in the end I feel fine with it. Mounted combat can be real fun! Circling around mobs and yelling at them I sometimes feel like a Native American in those old Cowby movies
    It is only my computer that causes problems now by stuttering and frame-dropping from time to time.

    Good luck to you!
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    Out of curiosity... What class are you playing?

    Mounted Combat is more forgiving for those with ranged attacks. However, for Burgs, Champs, and Guards, they only have melee attacks. So, you have to get up close.
    If you're not good at staying up with mounted foes, you can just /follow them. I've Key mapped Follow to Alt+Q for ease.

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    If you want to circle a lot, I find that using the arrow keys for turning and the mouse for clicking on my skills works well (especially for the long battles).

    Another option that might be worth trying is to put your mobs on follow. However, that is only of much value when the fight is going to be lengthy.
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    isn't there a skill that automatically turns your horse around and guides it back to your target for an attack? i forget what it is called cause i never use it. i have a guardian and usually use /follow and beat the #### out of the enemy as i ride next to it.

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    If you want to do the bare minimum, then just park next to the mob and beat it to death with neither of you two moving. Most of them can be killed this way.
    That will only work for mobs nice enough to stay put, and not all do. A better alternative is to /follow (ideally, use whatever keystroke you assigned to follow) the mob -- then even if they are running around you'll stay close to them and can continue to hit them. If you start your /follow while running towards the mob, then you'll do a bit of spinning when the mob dies and you may take off again, but just use one of your direction keys to move straight again, or select another mob and follow them.

    If you are a ranged class, you may find you can handle the mobs just fine on foot.

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    isn't there a skill that automatically turns your horse around and guides it back to your target for an attack? i forget what it is called cause i never use it. i have a guardian and usually use /follow and beat the #### out of the enemy as i ride next to it.
    Spur On. Will take your queue skill and automatically guide the horse to the target and deliver the blow. But you stop after the hit. You need Auto-Run to carry you past the mob and then you can queue up the next skill for the turnaround.

    • Toggle Spur On
    • Set AutoRun (best to be a bit far from the mob to start)
    • Queue 1 skill.
      Spur On will deliver the 1 blow, Autorun will carry you past the mob.
    • Once past the mob queue another skill. Repeat

    Once you get used to this method, you can use the 2 features to get in multiple blows (2 skills queued) and get out with autorun.

    This is not very good with big warbands but it works well with ranged or solo mobs. Also, try to fight in an open area. Rocks and cliffs can block the horse during the turn around.
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    I think something else that would help you out, would be to use the /follow command.. select the mob (it's works great for mounted mobs) and then just worry about burning it down with your skills!
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    It also helps me to use the mini-map in the upper right corner. Once you select a mob it's a large yellow circle there. You can chase it, or in many cases it's better to circle away and back to meet it if it's running around you. Click on your next attack even if you're not close enough and it'll fire off when you are.

    As others have said, it would help to know if you're a ranged or melee class. My advice is more geared toward melee.

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    Thanks for all the help!

    I'm a hunter.

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    You could back your view out to max (if need be) and be able to (generally) see yourself and the mob you are engaging. No need to lock the camera on your target. No need to strafe. As a hunter you will be able to shoot in about any direction so long as the mob is in range.

    Obviously things can get dicey in place like forests since the foliage can block your overview of what is happening.

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    I've trained my war-steed to spin on its haunches by holding down the left-arrow and back-arrow keys simultaneously. Like a real horse of that size, you have to reduce the speed of the forward motion to decrease the turn radius. Now if he'd just stop doing his victory spin when we kill the mob on /follow...




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