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    The Big Five - the Five quests that award a skill point -

    Is there any way to pick these up without doing 'All' the quests in an area?

    For those that don't know the five quests are:

    1) The Broadacres Betrayed - lvl 91 found in the Broadacres quest line.
    2) All Roads Lead back to Aldburg - lvl 89 found in the Eastfold quest line.
    3) The road to Dunharrow - lvl 88 found in the Kingstead quest line.
    4) Woodhurst Has Fallen - lvl 93 found in the Stonedeans quest line.
    5) To Helm's Deep - lvl 94 found in the Westfold quest line.

    Don't get me wrong. Its not that I have not enjoyed the quest line. It is just bringing my 10th toon through here and he is already one bar from 89 and Ally to the Eorlingas and Helmingas thanks to tasks turn ins donated by his older brothers. So I know the story line - I don't need all these quests for rep or in order to level.

    Yet as I remember it these quests are all very linear. This seems wrong to me. To have 5 skill points tied to 5 random quests in a way that we have to do all the quests in the new expansion or miss out on these 5 skill points. Maybe the skill points should be tied to an introductory quest in each zone. Or to quests in the epic line, though it seems stages of the epic where tied to having completed quests in the non epic lines.

    Anyway. Does anyone know if it is possible to skip some quests and still get these 5 quests tied to skill points?

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    You can skip a few of the auto-awarded ones that you get in a zone, but all the linear quests have to be done. You can't just skip around, do the ones you want until you've completed X number and then move on anymore. I wish you could. I've finished the deed for quests in an area several time and had to keep questing to get to the one that granted my skill point. I agree with you, I don't like it. I think the trait point should be tied to the deed itself, finish X quests in the area.

    Linear questing means do the ones that have follow-ups until you get to the proper quest at the end of each zone or you won't get your trait point.
    I'd explain it to you, but I'm all out of Puppets and Crayons.
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    <snip>It is just bringing my 10th toon through here</snip>
    [COMEDY]Not sure if you deserve a medal for perseverance or therapy.[/COMEDY]

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    I find gating trait points behind landscape quest to be really irritating. You can easily hit 95 without finishing the landscape content and so it just becomes a grind after that. I'm really not looking forward to being forced to take future toons through the horrible Boradacres area every single time for a trait point. At least the Moria trait deeds are gated by actual special quests rather than lame (collect 10 orc buttocks) landscape grind.

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    I find gating trait points behind landscape quest to be really irritating.
    I agree! I love both the region and the story, so don't get me wrong. But to do it over and over agai
    n on alts is ...
    the game already contains so much grind as it is.

    What is the reason to force people to do all the quests in the whole region if they do not want to? Why?

    Please turbine, change this! It's just annoying.
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    ^^ Agree 100%

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    Please turbine, change this! It's just annoying.

    Agree. The linear aspects of this lead to burnout.

    Nice necro, btw.

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    So after inspecting my trait points, I discovered to my horror, that I only have 65 trait points. I have received one trait point from BBs, by the way.

    I followed the entire quest line throughout Western Rohan, and did every quest available, yet I still fell one short (still working for the 200 promotion points trait point). Any suggestion as to what I may have missed? I am planning on taking a ride through Rohan (which I am dreading) to see if I missed any quests.

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    I don't like the linear aspect of the questlines either for earning the trait points. I think they should reward them for quest-deed completion for an area. Like -x amount of quests in an area earns you the point. In other regions completing x amount of quests earns you TP, for HD the rewards should earn you the point, so you could them pick which quests in a region you want to complete but still need a certain amount. I do not think that an alt should be able to just jump in and complete the final quests to earn the point. It's not like that in any other areas so why here?




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