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    Heart,Hearth & Home- Landroval (Medium-Heavy RP)

    Heart,Hearth, Home~ (Landroval)

    I decided to what I could manage, but I've decided to try and start a Kinship.

    At this point its, still in development but so far here's what I have:

    On Landroval- I'm Eadeniel, if you're interested, Drop me a Mail or a Tell! (Mail is preferred), & also respond to the thread!

    "The Heart, Hearth ,Home" Kinship ( the title is a work in progress), is a Medium-Heavy RP Kinship that focuses on the Race of Men & and their bonds with the other Races of Middle Earth- as such, it is a 'Man' Kinship, but does allow other races.

    Standards & Requirements
    - The Standards of the Kinship are simple:
    Good RP ( Third person, prose- if you're not sure ask questions!)
    Respect the Lore (Try to keep it Lore-plausible)
    Respect others

    The Kinship Mission:
    "Heart,Hearth & Home" is a Kinship of Hope. A Kinship that adheres not to military ideals or standards, but returning hope and light to the world in its darker days. A Kinship for the Lost, to find their way.

    Lore STANCE: Lore is something to be adhered to, but not so loosely that we can function:

    There are a few things however that we will not be allowing:

    *Old Dunedain - Under the Lore Dunedain can reach into their 150's+. Though most Dundain will be under say 80 (so of a 'generation' with Aragorn's age asi n the Books he's in his 80s).

    *Elven/mixed blood/Elves who have Raised Humans/ Humans Raised by Elves: Knowning elves is fine, but as per Lore, the elves tend to keep to themselves. Knowing about Rivendell is Fine, perhaps having visited there, or having an elf whom you know who lives there is ok. (or being an elf from there ) But as per Lore: there are only a 'few' Elf-human bloodlines (like 3 listed) and one of them is Aragon & Arawen, the other is Luthien and Beren, and the last I believe is Elron's parents. (Hence his name "Elrond Halfelven".

    Heart, Hearth & Home Trading Company" has a number of ways to exist be a multifacted Kinship (allowing us to exist in any portion of Middle Earth):
    1) Traders - Trading things, and moving good sfrom one location to another.
    2) Mercenaries/Militia/Military Unit: A Caravan has have guards if its traveling the wilds.

    -Any more ideas?

    Races We are Open to:

    - It's best described as Any Race could join, but at the moment I am looking to have a Majority of 'Race of Man' characters- as they are the most numerous in Middle Earth.
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    Currently looking for people in order to get started.

    I'd like to have 8 memembers waiting in the Wings, or people with whom I come in contact with over the Journey to Rohan (the current Kinship I am with 'the Eored of the Westmark' is making a journey to Rohan to go home' but , I think it'd be interesting to at the end of the journey move on and found a new group with less strict restrictions, and allow us to exist all over middle earth.




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