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    Organized Sparring Event


    I would like to get players together at an agreed upon location in the near future for a sparring competition. This is an opportunity for players to further train themselves, hone their skills, fatten their pockets, claim bragging rights, cheer on friends, or just have fun interacting with other players. This was inspired, in part, by the Community Manager’s ongoing cross-server “Take the Hobbits to Isengard” event. The idea to use in-game money seems a way of making this more interesting. Please offer any suggestions or comments at this time. Thanks.

    Date, Time, and Location: To be decided

    Preliminary Write-Up:

    Opponents will face off 1 vs 1 at an agreed upon location in the game world, preferably accessible to all levels, somewhere like the festival area near Hengstacer Farm.
    Participation in the event requires that players step forward during the event and present a challenge to the Officiator, naming an opponent from those in attendance.

    Before beginning, the challenger also states the terms to the Officiator, whether the spar is to be decided by a Single Match or based on the Best of 3 Matches.

    As part of the terms, the challenger also states what the monetary Tier is.
    There will be 3 tiers with significantly different Buy-In Prices to enter the competition.

    Tier 1 is 1 silver per level.
    Tier 2 is 10 silver per level.
    Tier 3 is negotiable and can be of any amount.

    The player being challenged will either accept or decline.
    All in-game money will be traded to an Officiator at the time a challenge is accepted.

    The competitors will take their places and the Officiator will say when the competition begins.
    The Officiator will give the go-ahead to the player who has issued the challenge and the challenger will then make use of the in-game mechanics and officially begin the match in earnest.

    Upon successfully besting their opponent, the winner will be declared by the Officiator and the earnings will be traded back to that player.

    But-In Prices (Tier 1, 2, or 3)

    Tier 1: (1 silver per level)

    levels 1-9 = 1-9 silver
    levels 10-19 = 10-19 silver
    levels 20-29 = 20-29 silver
    levels 30-39 = 30-39 silver
    levels 40-49 = 40-49 silver
    levels 50-59 = 50-59 silver
    levels 60-69 = 60-69 silver
    levels 70-79 = 70-79 silver
    levels 80-89 = 80-89 silver
    level 90-95 = 90-95 silver

    Tier 2: (10 silver per level)

    levels 1-9 = 10-90 silver
    levels 10-19 = 100-190 silver
    levels 20-29 = 200-290 silver
    levels 30-39 = 300-390 silver
    levels 40-49 = 400-490 silver
    levels 50-59 = 500-590 silver
    levels 60-69 = 600-690 silver
    levels 70-79 = 700-790 silver
    levels 80-89 = 800-890 silver
    level 90-95 = 900-950 silver

    Tier 3:
    Buy-In Amount is determined by the challenger and confirmed or negotiated by the challenged Opponent.

    In Sum:

    1) A challenge is presented to the Officiator. A player indicates who they would like to face off with.
    2) The challenger also communicates to the Officiator whether the competition will be a Single Match, or if the outcome will be decided on the Best of 3 Matches.
    3) Additionally, the challenger communicates to the Officiator whether the fight is Tier 1, Tier 2, or Tier 3. If Tier 3 is chosen, the challenger will state the Buy-In amount of the challenge to the Officiator.
    4) The Officiator will then issue the challenge to the potential opponent. The terms will either be accepted or negotiated further.
    5) When and if no challenges are issued, the Officiator may pair up competitors. Such matches may or may not be tiered.
    6) Once a challenge has been accepted and confirmed by the Officiator, the Buy-In money will be collected by the Officiator.
    7) The Officiator will say when the match begins. At that time, the player who has issued the challenge to the Officiator will use the in-game challenge to the opponent and the match will begin.
    8) At the end of the outcome, the Officiator will declare the winner. The Officiator will then trade back to the winner their entry fee plus whatever earnings.
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    Sounds fun. Are you still trying to make this happen?

    (I'd lose, but....)




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