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    A Tale of Bureaucracy

    I used the free exclusive cosmetic code to obtain an Innkeepers Dress. My character tried it on in the store and, dyed Dark Green, I really liked how she looked. The item said it was dyeable so I also purchased some Dark Green dye.
    I applied the dye and nothing happened. The dress icon now says it's Dark Green but the skirt is still gray.

    I reported this to a GM. The reply I got as he closed my inquiry said that he couldn't deal with the store and I should fill out a Service Center form.

    I went to the Service Center and found only one form that was, by its selection criteria, designed to deal with payment-related problems. Nevertheless, I continued to fill out the form until I got to the part where it required my credit card number. It seemed rather intrusive to demand a credit card number to be able to ask for assistance with a cosmetic, so I ditched the form.

    Being VIP, I called the WB help line. A charming man told me that he could refund the price of the dye but couldn't fix the dress. I declined the refund as too trivial to be concerned about. I asked him to tell the right people about the dress and the dye and he said he would.

    But I have little faith that the form he would have to fill out will be any more suited to describing this problem.

    Short of giving out my credit card number, posting this entry was the only other way I could think of to tell anyone of the problem.

    Maybe someone from the store reads this forum.

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    My story start with my Man Lore-master strolling through Bree. He sees the Dwarf-lord set displayed on the Mannequin. I try it on and get it for 50 Mithril Coins because the leggings would be perfect for my Dwarf character. I put the cosmetics in shared storage and put them on my Dwarf. However, the leggings are Elf leggings, like crafted Master level leggings or something. Definitely not Dwarf leggings and definitely not what was advertised on the mannequin. So, I bugged it. But there wasn't really a clear category for Mithil Coin/Mannequin problems. Filed an in-game ticket and the GM responded that nothing on their end could be done. I filled out a Turbine support ticket and got a polite email saying nothing could be done. I called Turbine customer service and Sid, chalked it up to a one off, not able to be reproduced error and to file a bug report. He did credit my account with 500 Turbine Points that could replace my Mithril Coins.
    So yes, the Q/A has more to do than worry about my Dwarf-pants, but at least my story is told.

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    Nevertheless, I continued to fill out the form until I got to the part where it required my credit card number. It seemed rather intrusive to demand a credit card number to be able to ask for assistance with a cosmetic, so I ditched the form.
    You can get around this part.

    I have a problem with it when I submit a ticket as well because it asks for the card I use to pay for the game but I have a lifetime subscription.

    You can just choose any card type and then fill the card number box with zeros.

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    You have encountered a defect in the Lotro game software. What you need to do is to use this form:
    to submit a bug report to the Lotro Quality Assurance people or use the /bug command in game. Be sure to attach screen shots to your bug report along with adequate text to fully describe your problem with green dye. Make sure to include the race and gender of the character. Many items have race and gender specific artwork. They look fine on a Female Elf but horrid on a Dwarf.

    The QA folks will forward it to an artist in the Lotro development organization. The artist will change the artwork for the Innkeeper's Dress so that the Green dye is visible Eventually the changes will be be made available to you in a future update to the game software.

    The best way to see what an item will look like is to have a character of the same race and gender model the item for you in game. As you noticed there are sometimes differences between the preview and the actual look.
    Unless stated otherwise, all content in this post is My Personal Opinion.

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    Thanks, Yula. I'll try your method.




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